The only Manufacturer in Poland offers:
Top quality carts to sell hot-dogs
Only in Bodex the carts are available:
• with the certificates issued by PZH [the National Institute of Hygiene!!!!
• with testing and type approval certificates,
• are made of top quality steel (Stainless Steel)

The company has been existing since 1982.
It is specialized in production of commercial and catering trailers, containers, commercial pavilions and car bodies intended for selling: fish, chicken, hot-dogs, pancakes, ice creams, shashliks, gyros, bakery and confectionery products or fruit.

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Bodex GASTRO will sell you an idea to run your own business
a catering, a commercial, a goods trailer or a HOT DOG cart
only with us you may take the advantage of ….a loan, a leasing, or ……………
an EU subsidy ………………. our experts will tell you how to do that!

Trust us, only we know how to make cash, working honestly and fighting for your position in the market.


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